All smartphone abandon, ye who enter in!


According to a market research, today 40% of kids communicate with their parents only through the use of smartphones. Even when mom or dad are simply in a different room. And 20% of teens believe that parents put work in front of the family. The New Forest National Park, 570km square divided between Witshire, Hampshire and Dorset, England, has imposed its nearly 15 million annual visitors, Tech Crèche. A nursery technology where to give up", but only temporarily, any kind of hi-tech distraction, tablet, smartphone or PC. In this way families can regain the lost time and enjoy the best of the surrounding green space. And the same goes for the car keys. Every visitor is encouraged to abandon any technological means, and to explore the area just by walk or bike to regain contact with nature. The model of free hi-tech holiday as it is called in England was immediately a great success and we are sure will be repeated soon also here in Italy."


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