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The Horti Nursery of Veii was founded in 2002 by agronomists Barbesino Francesco and Francesco Rinaldo, and soon became a landmark in Rome North (and not only) for all lovers of nature and plants.

The nursery has an area of 10,000 square meters where you can find a wide assortment of plants for balconies and gardens, indoor plants, tall trees, fruit trees, pots, products, tools and furniture for the garden.

The Horti Nursery Veio has a team of agronomists, botanists, professional technical experts and nature lovers, which places them as one of the most established nurseries in Rome, in the management and maintenance of public and private gardens, for the restoration of parks historians, in the design and construction of green spaces.

From the outset it was clear our will - says one of the partners - to give life to a company where professionalism and passion were in first place, why the team has always been built on the basis of these requirements: agronomists, botanists, professional technicians, nature lovers have daily enriched the Horti of Veii of knowledge and experience.
For this, our nursery is now able to offer - in addition to the sale of plants and flowers - services such as maintenance of public and private green areas, the design and construction of parks and gardens, terraces, ponds, water gardens, pruning of trees medium and tall, or plant diseases analysis, water analysis and soil, but also rental of decorations for events and fruit plants for offices, hotels, shops etc.
The high professionalism of the Horti of Veii staff is combined with a considerable attention to the customer, his needs and tastes.

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Horti di Veio
Via Oriolo Romano 10, Roma (RM)

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