Hortus di Angheben Amedeo



Hortus di Angheben Amedeo

Hortus is a professional reality in the 'sphere of private ornamental green and public.

We create design projects and drafts of gardens, we propose interventions of realization and maintenance of private green areas, public and corporate.

senior technician of the Green, course of High Vocational Education: two-year course organized by 'Agricultural Institute of San Michele A.A. and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

practical and theoretical course which has as its purpose the formation of a figure able to operate in work processes of design and construction of green areas, restoration and enhancement of existing areas, ordinary and extraordinary management of the green.

You can find us

Trentino Alto Adige
Company headquarter
Hortus di Angheben Amedeo
Via Ravazzone 96, Mori (TN)

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