The house of dreams? With garden


Among the consequences of the lockdown there was a rediscovery of greenery, to be practiced as a hobby or to live more, for those who have a private garden at their disposal. The interest in gardening has increased and with it the related purchases. And that's not all, because a recent survey now shows that there are many Italians who after the quarantine would like to move houses. More than half would like it with the garden.
An open space: this is the overriding desire among those who responded to the survey "The house I would like" carried out by the portal with Scenari Immobiliari. As many as 58% of the interviewees indicated the presence of the garden as the ideal feature, and 47% of the terrace (on par with the box).
Needs so felt that 62% of the participants said they were ready to move immediately to even more peripheral areas, leaving the city centers to have a bigger and more liveable house.
Even among the most requested nearby services, parks and public parks are the masters (60%), coming before supermarkets, shops and public transport.


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