How to become a green maintainer


What is the difference between the green man and the gardener? And what do you have to do to be able to enter this profession? Here is a useful guide for those who want to work in the green.
Regione Lombardi has approved, with the decree of April 2018, the regulation of the enabling paths for those who carry out the professional activity of maintenance and realization of green areas, in the different contexts of the gardening sector and in different types of companies.
The qualification relating to the figure of Green or Gardener maintainer is indispensable for registration in the Chamber of Commerce.
The courses, delivered exclusively by accredited training institutions, are carried out according to specific directives regarding articulation and duration, procedures for the final examination and release of the qualifying certificate (valid throughout the Italian territory).
The training course, whose duration is established by the relevant regional decree, is a total of 180 hours, of which at least 60 are practical activities, to become maintainer of the green. Otherwise, 600 hours of training is required for the gardener's figure.
These are the subject areas: bases, agronomy and nursery; vegetable identification and use; elements of the garden, bases of planning and realization of areas, maintenance of greenery, phytopathology and use of phytosanitary products, basic and specific safety in the use of equipment.
The practical exercises will foresee the use of professional equipment such as the agricultural and forestry tractor, the elevating work platform, the chainsaw and various motorized equipment for the maintenance of the green, in addition to training in the use of PPE and specific for the distribution of plant protection products.
The qualification for the Green Maintenance activity is issued upon passing a special examination aimed at verifying the acquisition of adequate technical and professional skills required by the course.
Subjects who have attended at least 80% of the total hours of the training course, both for the frontal teaching part and for the practical part, can access the exam.
Upon passing the final exam, a Certificate of Competence will be issued with the qualification value of Green Maintenance (pursuant to art. 12, paragraph 2 of law 154/2016). This certificate is valid throughout the national territory.


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