How to easily measure gardens and interior spaces portable device without GPS Moasure



The video shows how Moasure works, the innovative device that revolutionizes the world of taking measurements of gardens and outdoor or indoor spaces.

It is a professional measuring tool suitable for all professionals who need to quickly and accurately measure external or internal areas for design needs.

The patented Moasure technology allows a real-time and extremely accurate measurement. The system uses accelerometers, gyroscopes and sensors integrated into the device that monitor its position within the 3D space. It therefore does not use GPS or lasers and can therefore be used in any context, outdoors or indoors.

The extremely small size allows you to carry it in your pocket. Moasure is also able to take measurements and draw simultaneously: thanks to the combined app, you can see the measurements in real time and download them in different formats compatible with the main design software.

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