How to get the 2023 Green Bonus


The Green Bonus, the tax deduction provided for home garden renovation work, was also confirmed for 2023 and 2024. This article explains the rules and procedures for obtaining it, who is entitled to it and for which jobs. The Green Bonus was introduced for the first time with the 2018 budget law to encourage interventions to enhance greenery through the arrangement of private gardens and terraces.
Bonus Verde 2023 how much is the deduction
Also for 2023, the deduction envisaged for the green bonus is equal to 36% on the expenses incurred for the renovation of private green spaces. The maximum spending amount is €5,000 per property unit. On an expense of €5,000, the tax deduction will therefore be €1,800 which is divided into 10 annual installments.
Who is entitled to the 2023 Green Bonus
The request for the Green Bonus can be made by both owners and tenants or borrowers of a property. The incentive is also provided for condominiums, who can access the deduction for common areas: the deduction will be valid for all inhabitants on condition that everyone has participated in the expense for carrying out the works.
What jobs are included in the incentive
The works that can be covered by the Green Bonus are numerous and generally concern all the interventions that improve the quality of the green spaces of a home. Particularly:
- arrangement of uncovered green areas of existing buildings or single real estate units;
- improvement/design of irrigation systems and wells;
- creation of gardens;
- construction of green roofs;
- restoration of green areas;
- recovery/restoration of gardens of historical/artistic interest;
- design/maintenance of green areas;
- creation of planters and green setting up of balconies and terraces.

How to obtain the Green Bonus deduction
The tax deduction of 36% from Bonus Verde is obtained in the tax return through the documentation certifying the expenses incurred and payments with traceable systems (debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, checks).


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