Balconies and flowered terraces, free courses


For all flower lovers who do not have large outdoor spaces Viridea offers a series of free meetings devoted to the subject of the balconies and flowered terraces: many tips and practical suggestions for creating beautiful colored corners and fragrant, even in small spaces.
The meetings, lasting two hours, will be held by Dr. Anna Bocchietti, expert environmental, landscape and botanical consultant. The naturalist will explain how to increase the value of your home environment creating a flowery space with the use of ornamental plants with pale or bright colors, intense fragrances or impressive foliage.
The expert will provide all necessary advice to choose the plants most suitable for balconies and terraces exposed in full sun, partial shade or light shade, creating harmonious compositions able to turn even small balconies into real flower gardens which offer color and perfumes until the arrival of autumn. Anna Bocchietti will also remain available to present to answer questions and curiosity.

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