Mulch with professional Tenax Cover Pro cloth


The video explains step by step how to lay the Tenax Cover Pro anti-algae mulch sheet and how to transplant the zucchini seedlings onto the towel.

The Tenax Cover Pro anti-alga sheet is very dense, protects and heats roots and prevents weeds from growing without the use of chemicals.
It is permeable and allows water to pass and irrigate the seedlings.
The squaring facilitates the placement of the seedlings during transplanting.
Thanks to the mulching cloth, the vegetables do not come into contact with the ground, they remain clean and healthier.
The anti-alga mulching sheet is available in green, black, brown and white. It does not deform, does not tear, is very resistant and can be walked on. It can be used as a passageway between the garden greens, allows the flow of water and avoids the muddy stagnations, leaving your vegetable garden clean.

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