How to install robotic lawnmowers without perimeter wire



The video shows the installation phases of the new Kress KR173E robot lawnmower with RTK technology.

The RTK module is the "head" of the machine, which guides the robot in the cutting operations, after memorizing the garden map. In fact, the Kress robotic lawnmower uses the gps system for orientation, therefore it does not need to lay a perimeter wire or position antennas in the lawn.
Suitable for lawns up to 3,000 m2, the Kress KR173E robotic lawnmower does not work randomly, but systematically, thus following defined trajectories and guaranteeing a perfect cut of the grass with centimeter precision.
Furthermore, in addition to the traditional anti-collision systems, the machine is equipped with the innovative OAS, automatic obstacle detection, thanks to which it "sees" (but without the use of cameras) approaching obstacles, avoiding them before hitting them and memorizing them on the map.
Thanks to the dedicated app, the user can remotely manage working hours and control the movements of the robot, as well as receive notifications on its operation.
The installation of the Kress KR173E robotic lawnmower begins with the installation of the charging base and the magnetic strip which is used to guide the robot towards the charging station.
Then it is necessary to carry out the mapping, entering the boundaries of the mowing area and any obstacles; to do this, the RTK module is extracted and placed on a special mapping cart. Once the map has been stored, the robot is ready to work.


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