How to keep fuel fresh


For those who own a garden, having a healthy and well-kept lawn is one of the greatest satisfactions, to be shared with the whole family. For a perfect green, our garden equipment must also be in excellent shape.

To maintain the freshness of petrol, Briggs & Stratton offers the Fuel Fit additive, ideal for all 4 and 2 stroke engines.
Modern fuels attract moisture and can corrode internal engine parts. Fuel Fit acts to avoid this problem by creating an internal coating to protect the engine elements. Contains detergents to prevent the accumulation of dirt, ensures the effective and lasting performance of the engine and stabilizes the gasoline for a maximum period of three years, ensuring easier starting.

Fuel Fit is available in packs of 100 ml and 250 ml with dispenser.
These and many other products for the care of Briggs & Stratton garden machines can be purchased from the Briggs & Stratton service network, a widespread and expert network for servicing your engine, with 235 Authorized Workshops and 220 Specialized Resellers only in Italy, which guarantee a professional service to all machines equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines, technical assistance as well as the supply and maintenance of the engines and the official parts and spare parts necessary to ensure optimal performance and a longer engine life.

Using original spare parts not only means keeping the engine performance constant and unchanged, but also a longer life span of the equipment, and a substantial saving of money in future repairs due to the use of spare parts not specifically designed for Briggs & Stratton engines. Only by using the original spare parts, which are tested and approved, is it possible to ensure the maximum operability and duration of the engine, and the non-forfeiture of the engine warranty.

Briggs & Stratton is the world's leading manufacturer of air-cooled gasoline engines for outdoor equipment. The company, based in Milwaukee in the United States, designs, manufactures, markets and provides assistance for these products to original equipment manufacturers around the world. For more than 100 years we have been producing motors for driving work equipment. It is for this reason that customers look for the Briggs & Stratton brand when they buy motorized equipment.



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