How to prepare a seed bomb


Recipe and instructions to prepare in a few moves a seed bomb and transform a barren corner of the city in a beautiful flowerbed flowered.A famous song of the sixties said, Put some flowers in your guns": in this case it comes to bombs, peaceful and harmless, made of earth. To prepare serve powdered clay, water, seeds, organic fertilizer of natural origin.In a bowl or a bowl pour 5 parts of clay (for example, 5 glasses) and 3 parts of natural fertilizer, plus 1 part of seeds. After mixing them, begin adding water, until a consistent dough with which form small balls (you can also use the molds from the beach or if cookies are prepared seed bombs with children). If you noticing that he exaggerated with water you can always remedy by adding clay.At this point you need to dry and dry the balls: you can have is a sheet of newspaper, or inside of the egg cartons. Small bombs will dehydrate and become brighter. At this point can be used and thrown in the places that you will want to color of flowers: abandoned suburban areas, flower beds full of weeds, abandoned construction sites for years ... you will just have a little 'patience.Curiosity: it seems that the seed bombs were already popular among American Indians, who used to protect the seeds and to ensure that they were not eaten by birds before germinating."


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