How to sharpen the chainsaw blade

Safe on trees (9 video)

The "Safe on Trees" campaign, with the patronage of the Lombardy Region ATS della Brianza, is aimed at arborists with the aim of raising awareness among professionals and training centers, therefore future professionals, on the reference regulations, the correct and safe use and maintenance of the main machines during work from the ground and at height, in tree climbing or PLE, what they are and how to wear protective devices identify, good practices to avoid accidents.

10 video tutorials made in collaboration with the main training institutions for arborists: the Minoprio Foundation and the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. With Echo Italia as a technical partner.
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In this video an expert arborist - professor of the Minoprio Foundation - explains and shows what are the correct methods and tools to use for the maintenance of the chainsaw and how to sharpen the chain teeth also based on the type of tooth.
Proper maintenance of the chainsaw is essential not only to always have excellent working performance, but also for the safety of the operator, gardener or arborist.
Dedicating the right attention to the maintenance of the chainsaw is in fact extremely important to prevent accidents at work during cutting, pruning or felling activities carried out by arborists or gardeners.
The video shows the different steps to follow and how to intervene in the correct way: how to lubricate the chain, how to check and adjust the chain tension, check the bar bolts, clean the chainsaw from cutting residues, check the clutch and the chain brake , sharpen the teeth of the blade.

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