How to water the plants when going on vacation


From the gels to the water reserves to the most innovative products, there are many solutions designed to meet the needs of those who need to ensure their plants have a fair water supply even when away from home. GardenTV has asked companies to indicate the recommended products for a correct and slow hydration of plants. Each one is designed for specific needs: here is how to orientate yourself in the choice.

Guarantee a better hydration of the plant thanks to particular and innovative characteristics of the soil. Cifo proposes "Water reserve", an organic substrate with Water Reserve, which is able to retain water and make it available to plants gradually.
Explains Maria Chiara Siciliani, Cifo's Home & Garden Product Manager: "Our soil water reserve is part of the Premivit line, a range of high quality substrates in comfortable compact packs, a bag with handle for a practical and handy transport and use ".
What are its characteristics and how does it work?
"Our soil Water reservoir is a biological substrate based on peat of the highest quality, suitable for all types of plants, both outdoor and indoor. Characterized by the presence of the innovative Water reserve, completely natural water retentive, able to retain water and make it available to plants gradually ".
How much time can you spend without the plant needing to be watered?
"Irrigation can be reduced, and in case of water stress the plants will be more robust. The days between irrigation and the other are lengthened, depending on the temperatures, exposure to the sun and the position of the plants (whether inside or outside), the water release is balanced and gradual, helping the plants in the face of excessive temperatures ".
How should it be used?
"The soil water reserve - concludes Maria Chiara Siciliani - is used in times of repotting, transplanting and topping plants. For repotting and transplanting, we recommend using the Premivit Riserva di terra topsoil as a substrate for the plants, using a layer of clay on the bottom of the pot to improve the moisture content of the soil and thus avoiding damaging water stagnation. For plants already in pots or in dwellings, we recommend replenishing them using the water reserve topsoil, adding it on the surface and incorporated into the soil below with a light process ".

Ideal for short periods away from home, as a weekend away from home, more than for long periods of absence, Compo Sana offers the universal soil with water reserve.
What are its characteristics and how does it work?
"It is a universal soil enriched with Aqua Depot, a water retentor that absorbs and conserves a part of the water supplied during wetting; the retained water is then gradually transferred to the plant ", explains the Compo Italia marketing office.
How much time can you spend without the plant needing to be watered?
"Two days without having to water".
How should it be used?
"To be used as a normal soil to repotting the plant. During the hottest days the Compo soil with Aqua Depot will reduce the evaporation of water and consequently the number of waterings ".

A product specifically designed to guarantee plants the right water supply even during long periods of absence from home during the summer is Gesal Oasi, as explained by the Compo Italia Marketing Office.
What are its characteristics and how does it work?
"It is a Gel composed at 97% of water thickened by cellulose derivatives; it is completely natural and can be used for all plants, both ornamental and edible. Once inserted into the pot, the soil microorganisms degrade and turn the product into water, ensuring constant moisture to the soil ".
How much time can you spend without the plant needing to be watered?
"Gesal Oasis, ensures a constant humidity without watering for 30 days".
How should it be used?
"Just remove the safety cap, turn the can upside down and place it 2/3 cm deep in the ground. It is important to water the pot abundantly before inserting Gesal Oasi.
For proper operation, also avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight and high temperatures.
More cans of Gesal Oasi can be used for a single pot - suggests the Compo Italia Marketing Office - based on the diameter of the jar, the doses can be summarized as follows: for 12-20 cm in diameter 1 can jar; for 25-30 cm of diameter jar 2 cans; for 35-40 cm diameter jar 3 cans ".
For a correct hydration of the plants, a reduced water consumption and better oxygenation of the soil, Ipierre suggests Idrovita, an innovative innovative absorbent polymer, sodium-free, biodegradable, registered and certified for use in floriculture, as explained by Alba Rotundo, Ipierre's marketing manager.
What are its characteristics and how does it work?
"Idrovita is able to absorb water up to 100 times its weight, guarantees the right soil moisture for up to 20 days, prevents damage caused by too frequent or too few waterings.
It is also able to absorb both rainwater and nighttime dew, thus making it possible to further save water and money.
Halving the need for irrigation is not the only distinguishing feature of our product. This is a performance finder because it has a life span of 4 years.
Once buried the polymer performs cycles of loading / unloading of water for 4 years (the duration may vary according to the composition of the soil) then begins its natural decomposition process.
Suitable for any type of plant, both indoor and outdoor, it is based on potassium and not sodium: this makes the composition of the granule easily assimilable from the plant once the degradation process has ended, without release of any toxic substance. Idrovita - adds Alba Rotundo - is a Made in Italy product ".
How much time can you spend without the plant needing to be watered?
"Idrovita keeps the soil hydrated for 20 days, after each watering.
How should it be used?
For a repotting or a new mass, it is necessary to mix 3 grams of granules for each liter of soil.
Prepare a base of only soil in a pot and insert the plant. Distribute the mixture around its roots, in addition to the already potting soil and water for 2 days.
To insert Idrovita in an already potted plant, you need to drill a series of holes around the roots and pour the granules into it. Then cover with the soil and water for 2 (example of dosage: for a 30-40 cm diameter pot a 10 g sachet) ".


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