How, when and why to prune


Why is pruning so important for a plant and what are the things to do, but especially not to do? We talk about it with a professional gardener, who explains what are the criteria to follow to intervene correctly responding to the needs of the plants.
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Correct pruning is a fundamental step for the healthy and luxuriant growth of a plant, but it is equally important to do it without making mistakes and when it is the plant itself, or particular space requirements, that requires it.
In this podcast the professional gardener Alberto Corbetta explains what are the differences between ordinary pruning and extraordinary pruning and how to observe a plant to understand if and how to intervene.
In addition, he gives useful advice on pruning fruit plants, so as to obtain a greater and better harvest. He explains what breeding pruning is and what it entails.
Finally, all the mistakes not to be made, starting with topping, unfortunately a widespread practice, which deprives the tree of large branches or even part of the trunk, exposing it to various risks and even going so far as to irremediably compromise its health.
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