Husqvarna living city 2021 highlights


Highlights from Living City, March 23, 2021
We logged in. We listened. We learned. Another Living City is over, and we thank the professionals, experts and enthusiasts who came together online to share their knowledge and insights. The exciting and groundbreaking developments that are changing the game within turf care management in sports and golf were in the spotlight. Below are the key highlights from another fascinating and successful Living City event.

How could data collection improve turf quality?
GreenSight is a US company specializing in data gathering related to turf quality on golf courses and sports pitches. Stephen Ohlson, Vice President, Product Development at Green Sight shared some interesting examples of how their services can contribute to improved quality, reduced costs and better sustainablility.

RyboGolf Research: impact on quality of turf by the use of Husqvarna Automower®
Karin Juul Hesselsøe from NIBIO research Centre in Norway told us about a research project she is leading related to the impact of Husqvarna Automower on the turf quality of golf course fairways. Karin's presentation covered the project's scope and set up, as well as initial insights into the findings.

New innovative partnerships within sport field maintenance
GML Sport AB focuses on the maintenance of green sports surfaces. Kristoffer Palmlund from the Swedish company joined us to talk about the challenges they face in the industry, and how these are being reduced by Husqvarna's robotic mowing services, a new business model and innovative partnerships.

More news on CEORA
We also revealed further exciting details about CEORA, Husqvarna's next generation in large-scale robotic mowing.

Panel discussion with Stephen Ohlson, Karin Juul Hesseløe & Kristoffer Palmlund
Following their individual presentations, our three guests took part in a panel discussion about the turf management industry within sports and golf, and answered some questions from participants.


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