Hydrogeological: "Construction sites of the territor"


Machines for agriculture, but not only. The international EIMA, which opened this morning in Bologna, showcased technologies for maintenance of the territory; and hosted a workshop on the theme of hydrogeological and mechanical resources for interventions in forested areas, in rural areas, at the banks of rivers and roadsides. Machinery for forestry and for the management of woody residual masses, machines for digging ditches and embankments, mechanical shovels of various sizes for all types of territorial settlement, in addition to traditional agricultural and earthmoving, are available today in a very wide range, and can make a difference" in environmental contexts at risk. At this theme was dedicated workshop entitled "Hydrogeological instability: a theme of mechanization", organized by FederUnacoma, Promoverde and Landmaking, held this morning as part of the great exhibition of mechanization. Technical aspects focused intervention of Raffaele Spinelli - CNR researcher - who stressed the role of the mechanical industry in the para-agricultural uses and environmental. The cost to repair the damage caused by landslides and floods - according to estimates presented at the workshop by Lucilla Woods Landmaking - amounted, in the period from 1944 to 2012, to a sum corresponding to 61.5 billion euro, a huge figure that highlights the need to prevent the risk, including by enhancing the technological equipment. Farms - explained in his speech Gianluca Cristoni of Promoverde - represent the true coverage for the prevention of disruption, being able to play, as part of multifunctional interventions just maintenance of rural areas, especially in the areas at greatest risk, that in Italy have an extension huge affecting 5,600 municipalities, representing 70% of the total. The market for agricultural equipment and earthmoving is in sharp decline in our country, because of the crisis in agriculture and construction, but there is a very important potential market, represented precisely by those who were at EIMA International baptized as the "construction of the territory"."

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