I Parchi Più Belli d'Italia



I Parchi Più Belli d'Italia

The portal of the Most Beautiful Parks of Italy is an online guide of Italian parks and gardens which aims to enhance the priceless architectural and landscape heritage present in our country, helping to stimulate interest and sensitivity towards the green in his loftiest forms. The purpose of the portal is to promote the Italian green heritage, one of the richest and historians in the world, the true wonders of architecture and nature that are often not sufficiently known and deserve more prominence and attention. The portal aims to promote and elevate the culture and appreciation of this our priceless heritage, to make these valuable wonders not only from the narrow circle of specialists, but also by a wider audience. The portal of the Most Beautiful Parks of Italy has received the patronage of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the FAI (Italian Environment Fund), and AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture).


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I Parchi Più Belli d'Italia
Via Monterumici 8/7, Treviso (TV)

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