I Tigli 2



I Tigli 2

The cooperative I Tigli 2 takes - public and private bodies - works of original equipment and routine maintenance and repairs for the green management: flower beds, gardens, tree-lined streets, parks. The activities are carried out according to an annual schedule that takes into account the characteristics of the various species and seasons, as well as to the precise rules that apply to individual plants, shrubs and lawns. In gardening I Tigli 2 activities gives particular emphasis to the biological balance protection of plants, reconciling this priority with the order and cleanliness requirements, through operations: planting of lawns, planting of trees and shrubs, maintenance of gardens pruning and shaping of hedges, shrubs and trees of various kinds, trimming, water and pest control, mowing, desiccating treatments, weeding and maintenance flower beds.
Since 1998

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I Tigli 2
Via Veneto 13, Gorgo al Monticano (TV)

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