Idea Project di Norma Falchi



Idea Project di Norma Falchi

Idea Mower comes from the experience of people who have worked for years in the construction industry in wood and garage. The "discovery" of the existence of the fabulous machines that are Mower, took place thanks to the meeting with manufacturers Mower enthusiasts, has given us the impetus to create and build these beautiful objects of protection, born from the pencil of a young, brilliant designer.

By passion and by the hands of skilled craftsmen have been realized these objects, which are produced partly in a modern factory in Italy, while some models are produced and assembled in Slovenia, before being distributed throughout Europe.

In the draft Idea Mower, the female spirit has been able to give the initial thrust and a great contribution in terms of construction, still also engaging in the commercial development of the product throughout Europe. Put together so many people, so many ideas, so many different experiences and professionalism has been a fascinating experience, beautiful, so much so that we are already thinking about the next adventures.

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Idea Project di Norma Falchi
Via Nobile 26, Foligno (PG)

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