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Idea Verdi Maschi

We specialize in green and we have a nursery expanded to seventy thousand square meters, the immediate outskirts of the city of Cremona. Thanks to the tenacity and courage that has characterized us a lot and we grew from a small van, which went around the farms by distributing seeds to all the fans, we got to have a fixed place, winning the southeastern part of Lombardy. Today we count on a wide assortment and a team of specialists who have made customer satisfaction their flag (go to discover the services page of our thousand possibilities). Idea Verde Males is a simple company, dynamic, attentive to the consumer and to its thousand needs. We invite you to visit the pages of our website, confident to meet you in our garden center.

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Company headquarter
Idea Verdi Maschi
Via Paolo Ferrari 3, Ardole San Marino (CR)

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