The ideal machine for forest work


Hitachi CS51EAP chainsaw meets the needs of professional foresters: it is a robust machine, but at the same time light, since built entirely of magnesium alloy and aluminum. The machine has an eco-friendly New Pure Fire engine with a displacement of 50.1 cc and produces an output of 3.26 hp.The decompressor reduces by 70% the goodwill effort. The machine has several other innovative features, like the new design of the handles, the side access chain tensioner, the lubrication system automatic and adjustable chain, primers and automatic return of the choke; Finally, the magnesium crankcase makes the chain saw CS51 EAP a lightweight, durable product.The chain saw CS51 EAP is also characterized by the anti-vibration system that provides excellent comfort, as confirmed by Maurizio Fiorin, OPE HFI manager: These machines are equipped with all the safety systems and spring shock absorbers and rubber capable of absorbing both the high and low frequencies of vibration ".The model CS51 EAP is available in two versions, 40S and 45S, which are distinguished by the length of the bar, respectively 40 and 45 cm. Included are supplied spark plug wrench, screwdriver, chain bar and crampons."


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