When you browse online, you often don’t know much about who is “behind the scenes”…
It’s for this reason that we want to talk to you about us. We want to do it here and we want to do it now, in a simple and genuine way.
We are a family-run business, now in its third generation, based in Larciano, in the Tuscan hills of beautiful Pistoia, in Italy.
The dream that we began to pursue more than 60 years ago is to allow our customers (individual consumers and businesses) to realize their passions, supporting them daily in the plant care and in the home decoration, with a touch of style and elegance, without forgetting qualityand true Made in Italy.
However, conceiving and developing a project requires lots of time, a deep commitment and a strong effort. Not only... Dedication, professionalism and experience are necessary to satisfy different needs, ranging from aesthetics to functionality, up to practicality.
This is how, after a long and careful design work - made of sweat, endless meetings and a great desire to believe in it - our families of plastic pots and containersare born.
We try to interpret styles and trends, identifying those details that make the difference and that allow conscious purchasing decisions, choosing high quality products.
So, we developed many ranges of products, that are real a family, like us, distinguished by a multifaceted personality, which refers to stylishness, aesthetics, innovation, functionality and ease of use. Following this approach, plant care, combined with home decoration, becomes a funny game that allows us to tell who we are, surrounding ourselves with real beauty, which can be touched by hand.
Beauty and elegance are the main values of our strategy and are part of a dream that really matters to us.
Grow your dreams. We give you the pot.

Since 1958

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Company headquarter
Via G. Matteotti 1992, Larciano (PT)

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