Il mago dei giardini



Il mago dei giardini

Marco Bressi is the creator of the brand The Wizard of Gardens, studied in the field of agriculture and then specializes in the design and realization green areas and gardens, makes a variety of experiences and internships abroad, and a one-year long experience in the garden of Villa Bricherasio in Saluzzo by his great master Domenico Montevecchi.

After making the first steps in some private gardens that have allowed him to make some "experiments" he is thrown with such passion, opening his VAT number, in order to carry out the activity that most felt in its strings.

Marco improves over time and increases constantly his abilities, and looking for something different to give to its customers, something unique and very useful for them.
Over the years it has an intuition and creates the first Italian system construction, maintenance gardens, useful for anyone who has a garden, and especially for those with a garden in a second home.

Its gardens are able to completely remove the unnecessary maintenance in the garden, preserving the effort, time and money of its customers for use in a better way.

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Company headquarter
Il mago dei giardini
Via Vottignasco 6, Villafalletto (CN)

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