Stop the illegal gardeners, mandatory register


He speaks of important and positive impact on the area" Asproflor, commenting on the news coming from a provision contained in the Connected Agricultural recently approved in the Senate: the stop to the activity of the green maintenance to those who are not in compliance with the registration ( now mandatory) to register for garden manufacturers."The activities of care of public parks and in particular the keeping of parks and gardens - underlined the president of Asproflor / Municipalities Fioriti Renzo Marconi and his deputy Sergio Ferraro - constitutes an important item of income support for floriculture companies. But legislation, obtained thanks to the efforts in recent years from the table to the nursery, which brings together the most representative associations of the entire chain, is an accurate protection even against consumers: now who will offer these services will provide even more "quality and competence.The chain of horticulture Italian turnover of approximately EUR 4 billion, about 6% of agricultural GP, with 47,000 companies employing 158,000 workers in the sector and 37,000 belonging to the "group care and landscape maintenance"."In many Italian regions - continue to be Asproflor - the nursery is filled with historic traditions thanks to the professionalism and specialization of operators


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