The importance of roots: forms and functions


The importance of tree stems more stable and healthy. The new conference organized by Formation 3T, Sustainable Green Project and the Italian Italian Institute was held in Bergamo on 15 September 2017, within the "Landscape Masters" event.
Four French researchers, Claire Atger and Yves Caraglio of the Amap Montpellier Research Center, Jean Garbaye, former researcher at Inra Nancy-Lorrain and Frederic Danjon, researcher at Ina Bordeaux, will be hosting this year.
The scholars alternated during the day, titled "Arboricolture: that's cool! Root-tree: Shapes and Functions "to illustrate the public, consisting of arboriculture, nursery, gardeners, green designers and urban planners the results of the latest research and observations on architectural analysis and biological-biomechanical functions of roots and tree branches .
French researchers have dealt with the themes of architectural analysis of roots and trees, micorrize and arboriculture, tree anchoring, taking into account roots architecture, wind resistance, and acclimatization to mechanical stimuli.
Practical advice were given to nurses trees with roots for more stable and "strong" trees.

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