The importance of tree roots: shapes and functions


The trees structure the landscape; Planting and managing them commit resources. Arboricists, nurseries and gardeners are men who know how trees are complex organisms, living exploring and colonizing the soil-atmosphere space to exploit resources such as water, light, carbon dioxide, and mineral salts. In order to work and manage trees, it is necessary to be able to interpret data, geometries and their evolutionary stories, ranging from biology, architecture, biomechanics to safety.

In order to deepen these issues, the "Arboriculture: that's cool! Root-Tree: Shapes and Functions" conference at the Aula Magna of the University of Bergamo at S. Agostino, Città Alta, will be held on 15 September 2017.

After studying the Archial Analysis Method with C. Drenou and deepening the yarn architecture with J. Millet, this cycle of formation on the Tree Architecture is concluded with the Seminar on Tree Root Architecture. During the conference, 4 illustrious French researchers, C. Atger, Y. Caraglio, J. Garbaye and F. Danjon will present the latest discoveries on the tree-root system.
Among the main topics: integrated architectural analysis of roots and tree, micorrize and arboriculture, roots modeling and tree stability.

You are wondering why it's important to participate, here's the answer.

To clarify the logic of tree construction, its level of organization, the potential for growth and development in relation to its environment.
Deprivation of the knowledge provided by this discipline means to intervene somewhat blind, knowing more or less the trees we maintain.

The conference is not only for technicians, but it is also important for gardeners and tree climbers to participate because, when called by the customer, even if we do not sign a stability report, they are still required to make an analysis of the tree status, give Responses to customers and decide on the most appropriate interventions.

This analysis includes not only the hair, but also the radical apparatus, often overlooked and little known.

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Bonus of the convention:

1) contemporary French / Italian translation;

2) private area with study materials translated exclusively

3) Supports and Training Credits for Professional Orders.

4) Special Young Bonus for Subscribers

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