Incentives for Green: Meeting the House


The National Coordination of Plant Growth and Landscape has gathered yesterday in Rome, the Chamber of Deputies, the main voices, from institutions to industry professionals, to think about the importance of greenery and landscape for the growth of Italy.
Objective of the meeting, to illustrate "the short and long term beneficial effects of policy actions aimed at the development of territories and cities in which the landscape project is central; proposes common and synergic languages to promote a true green economy, with the awareness that green is not just about environmental and employment tourism, employment, development, and tax revenue: green (both public and private) has a positive effect direct on the quality of life of people and also on the country's economy, because it promotes employment and new revenue and in the long run reduces health costs. "
At the meeting were the signatories of the bill on green taxis and numerous representatives of flora and fauna and landscaping. Also present is Renzo Marconi, president of Asproflor, who said: "The floriculture sector is now in a hurry, we can not yet speak of recovery, but of an injection of confidence, of renewed energy to do to resume the floriculture, green, private and public architecture, design and maintenance "
"There has been great attention to the whole chain by politics," Marconi added at the end of the meeting. It is increasingly emerging as green is one of the solutions to environmental problems. It has been demonstrated through European statistics as well as the lack of green in our cities are increasing many pathologies, including mortals. We have argued that a great deal of submerged work could only emerge thanks to incentives. "

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