Incentives for work on the Green: forum in Milan


Assofloro Lombardia organized for Monday, October 24 the forum "The Green" value, a day of debate between institutional and professionals on the issue of tax exemption for the private green jobs, after the three bills presented in recent months.
The comparison will be held at Palazzo Lombardia and will be introduced by Nada Scissors, President of Lombardy and the Councillor Assofloro agriculture Gianni Fava Regional. Following the debate: "The guests - the organizers explain - will intervene in a lively alternation between professional advice and institutional points of view in an exchange of views and an authoritative debate focused on the issue of incentive measures for the tax deductibility for the works green. "
There will rita Baraldi, a researcher at the National Research Council, the economist Maurilio Militello, Maurizio Tira, technical and urban planning professor, Maurizio Bernardo, chairman of the Finance Committee of the House, Senator Gianluca Susta, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and several other guests the world of institutions and politics.
Bernard and Susta in particular illustrate the bills that have presented.
The day will close at 13; Registration is free but compulsory on site.


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