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In our gardens we can find real technological miracles", products made after extensive studies and considerable investment in research and development and now available for the care of green. In fact, "behind" tools and machinery with the forms capabilities now known and "discounted", can hide a technological innovation and a great advance: in this case the service of our garden and leisure.The editors of GardenTV investigated between the latest ranges of the main companies of gardening, asking managers what the product, device or device most innovative and already marketed and especially what the real benefit in terms of performance, safety, comfort for the ' user. Let's see their answers, some will surprise ...**BRUSHCUTTERS: THE IMPORTANCE OF WORKING ALWAYS WITH A NATURAL POSITION**"The system Rotofix, which is equipped with the full range of multifunction brushcutters broken Evolution range, among the many mechanisms which are equipped with our machines, among the most advanced technology," says **Thomas Goi**, sales managers **Active**.It is a device which serves to adjust the rotation of the transmission rod, and then the tool in use, in the best way to be able to work at its best and without taking unnatural movements. With this system, the transmission rod can be left free or fixed in a particular degree of rotation. **The benefits are many including a natural position of the operator and maximum performance of the tool used**, as the machine (but above the operator) always works in an ideal location. "In the case of the trimmer that allows the opportunity to be free and in a" neutral "and allows any type of cut without difficulty," says Goi.**It is an original patent?***Rotofix is patented Active original.***THE MOWER THAT STARTS WITH A TOUCH, NO MORE ROPE STARTER**"Our product most innovative and cutting-edge innovation in the market, it is without doubt the new technology InStart IS (Instant Starting Technology) - **Araldo Da Pozzo**, Sales Manager South Europe **Briggs & Stratton** - the first starting system that allows you to start the engine with a single touch, without using the trigger for the carburetor, without having to check the lever to the air but above all without any effort because with our InStart IS no longer needed pull the starter rope. "This technology, which involved staff Briggs & Stratton for several years, including market research, technical development and final execution, **marked the birth of a new generation in the starting system**: an ingenious combination of engine combustion and battery-ion battery for exceptional cutting power. **Recent polls have shown that for the end users the ease of starting a lawn mower is one of the basic features that are taken into account during the purchase**. It is from here that was born the new technology InStart IS, exclusive and original Briggs & Stratton.InStart IS, is currently mounted on the new Briggs & Stratton DOV 775iS and launched in Italy last November, it uses the latest technology of lithium ion batteries. To turn, you only need to apply the battery and begin using a button, the safety lever or the key. The battery can be recharged in 10 minutes to ensure more than 10 starts, or in 60 minutes to ensure a full charge and over 60 departures. No more starter rope, only switching effortlessly.**It is an original patent?***InStart IS technology is the newest and revolutionary in a long line of innovations from Briggs & Stratton and it is our original patent. The company has in fact always stood for the continuing development of its products and for the attention they reserve the needs of its customers. All innovations of Briggs & Stratton are certified with patents and stem from extensive market research in response to the real needs of its users. That's the secret of the success of our products in the global market. InStart IS (Instant Starting Technology), the first engine in its class without starter cord - an innovation that marks a new frontier for easy starting, only Briggs & Stratton!***PROFESSIONAL MOWER WITH INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION**The American brand of professional machines for the green Ferris, exclusively distributed by Fairytale, was born with the goal of building products made to last. From the first hydrostatic lawnmower with operator walk built, up to a unique patented suspension for zero turn mower, Ferris has always distinguished itself in the market of landscaping jobs. In addition to build machines designed to last, **Ferris is always looking for ways to improve not only the products but also customer satisfaction**.In an industry where the relationship between productivity and investment is becoming increasingly important, also the direct relationship between the comfort and speed of work must be taken into account when buying a new machine. The exclusive feature that distinguishes the machines Ferris is the exclusive suspension system IS patented and used across the range. Many are the advantages for the operator thanks to the suspension system Ferris, from greater comfort to the productivity increase. **The IS system is designed to absorb the bumps and vibrations that are tiresome for the operator while cutting**. The mower deck follows the movement of the wheel independent suspension IS and the lay of the land. This suspension system also increases the duration of the frame of the machine by reducing the stresses."Our patented suspension - says **Diego Dalla Vecchia**, head of marketing **Fiaba** - **allows each wheel to move independently, absorbing the irregularities of the ground**. The mower deck float then follows their movement. This system, in practice, cancels any stress for the frame, with greater operator comfort, a higher cutting speed, stability and durability of the mower ". In addition, **the innovative cutting system ICD allows a better flow of air, a greater grass discharge and a superior quality of cut**. The front edge of the inclined plate bending the blades of grass forward leaving them more time to get up in the pot before being cut by the blades.** It is an original patent? *** Both the independent suspension, is an innovative cutting system ICD are original patents Ferris. *** MOWER ECOLOGICAL AND HANDY CHOSEN FOR EXPO **"Fiskars brings continuous innovation in the world of gardening. Our mantra is the reduction of stress and the maximization of ergonomics for the operator to get the most gardening and achieve a high level, "says Dr. **Alessandra Maggi**, marketing manager **Fiskars Italy**. Each model is distinguished by performing a particular task superbly, thanks to innovative and ingenious mechanisms. For example, the mower Fiskars Staysharp solves the difficulties of using conventional mowers. Not surprisingly, ** Staysharp was chosen for the care of lawns of Expo Milano 2015 **. It combines patented technology with high ergonomics to provide a tool in line with the best performance for an optimal cutting. The tool is also ecological not mounting engines of any kind.How have behaved in terms of performance and security got them explains Alessandra Maggi. **"Compared to traditional mechanisms, the mower Staysharp is easy to push with more power in the cut**. The exclusive cutting system cuts the grass without StaySharp that the rotating blades come into contact with the fixed blade, reducing by 30% the force necessary for pushing and ensuring a long-lasting performance without the need for sharpening Annual. The patented technology InertiaDrive doubles the power in the cut to move easily among twigs, weeds and in the most difficult situations that would normally clog the other mower. The patented design allows VersaCut the best performance with a cutting height adjustable between 2.5 cm and 10 cm and finish narrower side of all mowers.**It is an original patent?***The mower Staysharp mounts patented mechanisms: technology InertiaDrive VersaCut and the system.*** ROBOT MOWER, MAXIMUM SAFETY FOR PEOPLE AND ANIMALS **More than a device installed on our machine, **Diego Zimbelli **, **Gardena** Marketing Office **(Husqvarna Group)** signals a real product, and innovative technology. This is the robot mower, distributed in Italy in 2 models: R40Li and R70Li, respectively 400 and 700 square meters."Gardena has always at heart the care of the green and, over time, grows more and more of his attention towards consumers and their need to make life easier and more relaxing - tells **Diego Zimbelli** - born with this goal robots mower Gardena R40Li and R70Li, tools to cut the grass in full autonomy. Once you installed, in fact, **the robot mower is able to work alone, thus allowing a considerable saving of time and energy**. Installation is simple and with a few precautions, the robot is ready to do its job. The perimeter wire which accompany allows them to easily recognize the area to cut.The robot lawn mower Gardena **are able to work independently and at the same time to ensure maximum safety for people and animals**. In fact equipped to lift sensor to lock the blades when the mower is lifted, with rollover sensor to stop it when it is too tilted and crash sensor for him to change direction when it encounters an obstacle. They are equipped also of "Stop" button to stop them easily in case of need and has been prepared a wide space between the shell and the blades to avoid any injury.**It is an original patent?***The product has a number of patents related to the design, special features and characteristics.***MOWER: GRASS CENTRIFUGED AND PULVERIZED, GOODBYE DUMP!**In the field of rasaearba **Daniele Bianchi**, head of sales and marketing **Grin**, has no doubts: the most innovative and technologically advanced mechanism installed on their machine is definitely the cutting system called **'cuts, no collect, do not go to landfill'**.But what is it and how does it work? And what benefits behaved in terms of performance, safety, comfort for the user? He explains Dr. Bianchi: "The cutting system patented 'cuts, not collect, do not go to landfill" conceived by Grin ** allows pulverizing the grass during mowing **. The grass clippings to be suspended for a few fractions of a second inside the cap Grin. Here it is centrifuged and pulverized, thanks to the vortex created by the movement of the blade Grin combined effect of a hard place near the propeller blade. **In this manner the grass loses most of its volume and is pulverized into tiny particles and practically invisible. These particles fall directly on the ground** (do not stay on the surface of the grass!) And are absorbed quickly. The advantage for the operator is that it is no longer forced to collect the grass which then will have to worry to dispose, also can maintain the cutoff frequencies typical of a machine with bagger".**It is an original patent?***Of course, it is a patent specifically designed to Grin for cutting conditions typical of "our land - says Daniele Bianchi - cutting tall grass and infrequent". The component elements of the patent are blade, cap and turbo disk: Only the combination of these particular makes possible the cutting Grin.***OILS, INNOVATIVE FORMULA FOR PREPARATION AND PROTECTIVE**More than towards a product or a mechanism in particular, in this case, the engagement of **Hitachi** focused towards a formula, an innovative formula of a mixture oil and protective careful to safeguard the environment and man. Hitachi embarked on a partnership with a leading company in the industry to obtain an exclusive product that combines respect for the environment and high performance.**The oil Hitachi mixture ensures maximum performance even in a high number of revolutions, has a low smoke and reduces the residual unburned**. Another important innovation is the development of a protective chain that despite being 100% biodegradable does not generate all the problems that are found on almost all the protective so-called "bio". Laboratory tests show that the oil Hitachi has superior strength over competitive products. Its low acidity **does not oxidize the metal parts of the saw**, as the tank and the oil pump. **A special antifreeze additive ensures the smoothness of up to -20 degrees**, while similar oils solidify already at -10 degrees. The viscosity constant and high oil Hitachi allows better lubrication and lower oil consumption. The machine is easier to clean and do not create residues that cause seizing.**It is an original patent?***Formulas oils are original and developed exclusively for Hitachi.***THE ROBOT MOWER AND SENDING SMS ALLOWS locate IN CASE OF THEFT**.Quiet, intelligent, independent, Husqvarna Automower ** **, the industry leader of robotic mowers and the most sold in 1995, contains many innovations increasingly appreciated by the market, which have recently brought Husqvarna Group to produce the 500.000esimo exemplary. Among the many features that make it adept at working on slopes, in the rain and among many obstacles, stand-turn navigation and satellite communication GPS.**"The satellite navigation with GPS**, available on the Husqvarna Automower 330 X** guide Automower in those areas of the lawn do not yet cut or particularly hard to reach**, ensuring uniformity in impeccable garden, also in the more complex", says **Simone Concato**, after sales manager, **Fercad**.For those who intend to know every step of Automower or control it remotely, **optional kit is available that allows you to receive alerts via text messages in real time and to locate it in the event of theft **. "Not only that, you are away from home or on vacation and are going away more than expected? The application will allow you to direct your robot to its home - charging station, where it will be safe and protected until, with a simple move, do not reactivate "says Concato. This communication system also sends GPS device to your smartphone any error signals and is currently available as an option on 220 AC, Solar Hybrid and 265 ACX 320,330X.** The ADVANTAGES OF EVEN FOR TRACTORS **"Within our range the device or the most innovative and technologically advanced mechanism installed on one of our cars - says **Roberto Foti Belligambi**, territory manager Turf & Golf **John Deere** is the V-twin engine features implantation of electronic fuel injection (EFI) and constant speed regulator ** installed on new tractor X590, thanks to such technologies ensures quick start-up and superior performance. "This engine from 726 cc, capable of providing a power of 17.1 kW at 3500 r / min, as well as implement some constructive solutions advanced as cast iron cylinder liners, OHV, forced lubrication and dual-stage air filter, **it offers the best cutting performance, increased uptime and optimum fuel efficiency, up to 10% less than a comparable tractor with carburetor**.Key to the performance of the engine are the plant **electronic fuel injection (EFI) and the constant speed regulator**. The first adjust the quantity of fuel directly into each cylinder of the engine for all conditions of operation, simplifying start-up and heating of the motor and eliminating the need for an operator, to use a starter

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