Quality and innovation in the work of the gardener


At the end of the three days full of green, Flora Trade Show hosted a day of training for professional gardeners with the Italian Association workshop Gardeners Professionals (AIGP).
"Quality and innovation in the gardener's work," was the title of the seminar organized in two tranches, morning and afternoon.
A specialized meeting, opportunity to get credits, aimed at operators and green professionals and to which many speakers have spoken with many insights. During the meeting they have followed different presentations and various aspects of the gardener's work were dealt with: from an analysis of the supply chain, through the knowledge of certain types of minerals and volcanic technical substrates, to get to talk about modern gardening and wildflower meadows.
The workshop hosted by Flora Trade Show, aimed at the ongoing training of the gardener and the screening of this operator to new "niche market", also touched on some of the most common of this three-day event arguments, such as biological control and that the weeds, weeding, natural green and the ornamental. He then talked nursery and technical green roof or vertical, for building facades or roofs, on which urban gardens are becoming more street; and even other high-tech themes aimed at spreading knowledge of innovative systems for a future of "green city".
In the first part of the day moderation he was entrusted to Rodolfo Bonora and, among other contributions, posted to Roberto Chiti, President of the National Farmers Nursery Gie CIA, while Riccardo Babolin led the afternoon session which was also attended by the director the Green Line, Renato Ferretti.

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