Innovation in the management of urban green


Urban green management: innovation in the management of urban green supply chain. This is the title of a conference scheduled for Friday, February 24, from 10 to 12:30, inside the Milan fair in Myplant & Garden. The conference will address several issues, which revolve around the management of urban green, with the help of the voices of different experts.
Urban green management is a project dedicated to the actors of the building, construction, maintenance and management of urban green areas, involving companies with dedicated exhibition space at the fair, experts, associations and institutions.
Moments and parterre exhibition cropped tailored for agronomists, gardeners, planners, architects, engineers, government officials, exporters, importantori, technicians green, breeders and nurseries.
Within this space is in fact expected the conference "Innovation and management of urban green in the supply chain". Among the experts to take the floor to explain the biocontrol techniques to reduce the risk of falling trees, there will be Marco Giorgetti, of Fodaf Lombardia (coordinator of green systems).
Even trees will talk with the teacher of Milan Bicocca Castellanza Riccardo, who held a discussion on the topic of diagnosis and increase the security of large trees.
With Marco Magnano, technical director green area amia Verona it will be state of the art on the green list of the molecules that can be used in urban areas and management plans for the near future, while Andrea Maggiani, pin-off Carbonsinf University of Florence will explain how to use Carbon Footprint and estimated CO2 storage in the management of urban green.
Finally, Professor Franco Guzzetti, the Politecnico di Milano, will talk about Gis the green era of the Internet of Things.

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