The intelligent robot for every type of garden


In the era of digitalisation, the Internet of Things, the Cloud, connectivity, but also the customization and flexibility of smart products functions, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi presents Ambrogio Next line robots, designed to adapt to the needs of every type of garden.
The two models, Basic and Elite, can be declined in different robotic lawnmowers: modular, adaptable to different garden needs, intuitive, equipped with smart batteries, brushless motors, wheels with rubberized profile, new smart echnologies on board that allow you to manage and control the robot wherever the user is, high performance, with inductive charging.
Ideal for medium-sized gardens, they can also be adapted to smaller spaces with the appropriate battery kits. Less lawn, less spend, without giving up the top technology of the future!
The cutting performance near the charging base is also refined: thanks to the new reverse charging function, the base can be positioned on the edge of the garden, perfecting the cut. The Next line provides Power Unit kits with which Ambrogio 4.0 changes its functionality and performance.
Ambrogio 4.0 is the first garden mower robot of the new digital age that revolutionizes gardening robotics. Equipped with a new technological platform, futuristic design and advanced jointed structure, Ambrogio 4.0 allows to manage uneven ground in the best way and to adapt to different shapes and sizes of green area. Everyone can customize their own Ambrogio 4.0 by choosing one of the four kits made to cover the most diversified needs.
Lithium-ion batteries equipped with Bluetooth technology to exchange information with the motherboard, optimize charging and energy consumption, check the health of the battery itself.
The choice of Power Units involves an upgrade of the machine itself: the power of the batteries and the speed in the charging times make it possible to cover different garden sizes in a more ef cient manner, with longer working times and shorter charging times, if associated with the models of Ambrogio 4.0.
Also designed a double wheel (only for the Elite model) which allows greater stability and grip with less pressure on the lawn. It is also possible to insert the claw that helps the movement of the mower robot in the most humid and sloping terrain.
The garden will be so free from obstacles with the possibility of fully enjoying its perfectly maintained open air space.


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