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The new frontiers of bioagrofarmaci

The new frontiers of bioagrofarmaci


Defending the plants with alternative methods to chemistry: this is the goal of "Interfuture" project and more generally of the Edmund Mach Foundation as part of bioagrofarmaci.
"Interfuture", which received funding from the European Commission, provides eleven doctorates industrial research.
"The approach taken by the project - reads the press release of the foundation, which in December took part in the kick off meeting in Brussels - is to exploit the microorganisms associated with the plant and their metabolites, ie, the" plant microbiome ".
"The research objective is to develop bioagrofarmaci next generation for the control of pathogens and plant pests and new fertilizer that can promote vegetative growth without polluting effects on the environment. "
"Interfuture" born within a research perspective which sees the sustainable production in agriculture as a priority and a challenge for the future, to meet the growing demand for products with high technological content but low environmental impact. The bioagrofarmaci represent an alternative approach to pesticides chemical synthesis.
The project is part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions actions of Horizon 2020 program for European research funding.
The novelty of this doctoral program is made only by transnational (young researchers will have to do their doctoral course in a European country other than that in which they have graduated) also from transettorialità: students will spend half of their training by doing their research at an industry.
Consequently these doctoral courses, as well as providing a strong research base at the most prestigious European universities, will allow young postgraduates and doctoral students to experience and practice in the business reality their findings.
Edmund Mach Foundation carries out scientific research, education and training, testing, counseling and services to enterprises, in the agricultural, food and environment, continuing the aims and activities of the Agricultural Institute San Michele.

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