International Challenge, here is the town that represents Italy in the world


The Challenge of the International Jury, the floral competition world-wide, has arrived at Pré Saint-Didier, the City Fiorito representing Italy in the competition in 2016.In making the announcement was the president of Municipalities Fioriti and Asproflor Renzo Marconi.The ceremony is expected October 27 to 29 in Regina, Saskatchewan, and on that occasion will be also announced the score obtained by the Italian representative.In the International Challenge - explanatory Asproflor. competing communities have the opportunity to receive technical and targeted information and that, in the summer (July / August) are visited by an international jury for evaluation based on the results achieved by the whole community (municipal areas, private citizens, business and institutional) and according to eight key criteria: cleanliness, environmental awareness, community involvement, conservation of cultural and natural heritage, urban parks, landscape architecture, urban floral furnishings and soil covers. Evaluations are carried out in July and August: the jurors visit the community for one or two days (because community involvement is an important element. "International competitions are an important activity for municipalities Fioriti: "since last year - explains Renzo Marconi - it is up to Asproflor and municipalities Fioriti select, from year to year, participants at the International Challenge candidates and express their own court within the World jury last year we Cervia candidate who has obtained the highest awards the prize "Large" 5 flowers, silver, and a special mention for the "International Gardens".Candidates for the national contest "Comuni Fioriti" are instead chosen in recent days and will be announced on 12 and 13 November on the occasion of EIMA."

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