Invasion of bedbugs, damage to vegetable gardens and fruit


In northern Italy there was, in recent weeks, a veritable invasion of bed bugs, which cause discomfort to citizens but especially damage to horticulture and fruit growing, which might reveal dramatic with the arrival of spring 2017. 
For this reason, Agrofarma, the National Association agrochemicals companies that is part of Federchimica, hopes the involvement of the competent authorities in a joint effort to stem the potentially enormous damage that this invasion promises for crops next season. The Association points out, in fact, that the real danger of the spread of this pest will be fully with the vegetative growth in spring. 
The bug, whose scientific name is brown marmorated stink bug, is a highly polyphagous pest which can cause extensive damage to fruit (apple, pear, cherry, peach, plum, almond, medlar tree, mountain ash, apricot), horticulture (strikes especially legumes, primarily soybeans, but also green beans, tomatoes and peppers), and even to some cereals such as corn and wheat. 
"From 2012 to today - they know from Agrofarma - in the absence of natural enemies, the Asian bug has come to spread and settle in the north of Italy, and this particularly hot autumn has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of its individuals. this probably means that the population survived the winter and ready to be reactivated in the spring will be considerably more substantial and widespread than in previous years. Considering the high reproductive capacity and speed of this insect, combined with his greed and polyphagia, you can imagine a difficult scenario for farmers ". 
What solutions Agrofarma hopes? "Given that effective containment of the infestation can not be obtained only by the action of insectivorous birds and pheromone traps - said the association - Agrofarma reiterates the need to apply insecticide treatments to control this pest. Date the emergency and in a perspective of integrated pest management, which provides for the co-presence of different fighting systems, agricultural chemicals, confirmed indispensable tools to protect crops and mitigate the threats that pathogens and pests pose to the plants. in view of the beautiful season, awaiting the results of specific studies on the subject and still hoping in the arrival of a harsh winter, will serve a remarkable joint effort between industry, agricultural institutions and operators to develop a sustainable and effective strategy to protect the agricultural production and to cope dall'Halyomorpha Halys "to the threat posed.

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