IPAG srl



IPAG srl

IPAG Srl is a trading company that in the field of products and services for agriculture, gardening, horticulture and pets, deals with wholesale sales to professional customers such as Agriculture, Garden, Pet shop, the Maintainers green, Floricolture and Nurseries.

The company was founded in 1984 as a representation and storage of certain trademarks related to seeds and to crop protection products, and knows a development which, starting from the synergy between the pioneering focus of its founder in respect of the needs of the Venetian merchants and the organizational capacity of the wife, passing through the trust of a compact group of people share the same objective and under dell'acuta anticipation of market changes, the port to be configured as the current "Products Wholesale Agricultural and Gardening".

The growth path described has led the company to position itself as a unique figure and the characteristics that make it an interface that offers benefits and satisfaction for the customer, and for manufacturers.

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Company headquarter
IPAG srl
Via del Progresso 31, Noventa Vicentina (VI)

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