Lance for irrigation, new for balconies


Gardena expands its range of irrigation lances and showers, to satisfy the different uses in the care of greenery. The novelties for 2019 are the Lancia Comfort ecoPulse and the Lancia with balcony shower.
The new Lance Comfort ecoPulse and balcony shower are equipped with a ring with soft components that guarantee protection from impact and an ergonomic handle with soft inserts that allow easy use of the tool. The water jet adjustment can also be carried out easily with one hand.
The Lancia Comfort ecoPulse is ideal for cleaning and irrigation, thanks to the possibility of having the jet tight, flat, soft and ecoPulse.
The new ecoPulse technology saves up to 40% of water by acting on a surface greater than 20% and with the guarantee of better cleaning performance on surfaces.
The water flow is activated thanks to an ergonomic button with soft inserts, also equipped with a convenient button to block the flow.
The Lancia balcony shower is part of the City Gardening Gardena product line and, thanks to the light and soft spray, it is perfect for irrigating delicate plants and flowers. Extremely compact, the lance is activated thanks to an ergonomic ‘‘ Click-on / Click-off ‘button with soft inserts.
Like all the Gardena range of lances and showers, the new Lance Comfort ecoPulse and balcony showers are equipped with the innovative Antifreeze function to guarantee high quality consumers that will last over time.

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