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Planters suspended, delicate plants, areas to clean: Gardena expands its range of lances to meet the different needs of the user.To complete the variety of applications, taking into account the different needs that caregivers of green spaces, Gardena expands its range of Comfort spears, enriching it with new models for hanging planters, with extension, for flowerbeds and delicate plants.The new range of nozzles is distinguished by ergonomic handle with soft plastic inserts that make it more comfortable for everyone who works in the garden. The rubber inserts on the concave start lever to help ensure a better grip; on completion of comfort, Gardena has finally provided an ergonomic button with integrated stop.The new spears - explained the company - are united by a new and innovative anti-freeze technology that makes them resistant to the cold. The water jet shower, adjustable with one hand, allows a versatile and easy to use. ""


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