Irrigation systems: installation, management and maintenance


A basic course dedicated to gardeners who want to broaden their field of action, offering the customer the service of the management of an irrigation system, with the guarantee of an informed use of water, without waste. It is scheduled at the Agrarian School of Monza Park from 18 to 20 July.
The complexity of the material is explained and articulated in a didactic format related to small realizations, which will allow to know the water and its physical laws, the components of the plants, the arrangement in the garden as well as their management.
Here are the main contents: general characteristics of irrigation systems: fixed and mobile plants, concept of sprinkling and drip irrigation; principles of hydraulics: flow rate, pressure, speed, pressure drop; plant structure: power sources, pressurization groups and pumps with explanations of the flow / pressure graph, filtration, overview of the fertigation components, distribution network, dispensers, accessories, automatisms; outline of a plant design: data collection, precipitation calculation and irrigation times; hints of sub-irrigation: what it is, advantages and disadvantages; management and maintenance: periodic maintenance, breakdowns and repairs, programming.
The practical part involves the assembly of a small irrigation system.
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