Great Italian Gardens, new inputs for 20 years


Great Italian Gardens is 20 years old and over the important anniversary also celebrates this year the entry of eight new parks, which brings to 124 the total number of gardens that have decided to become part of the network that enhances the Italian green beauties.
The "newcomers" are the gardens of Villa Parravicini Revel, in Como, Sola Cabiati Park Gorgonzola, in the province of Milan, the Villa Annoni Park (Cuggiono, Milan), Villa Grock in Imperia, the Park Villa Ormond in Sanremo , the Parco delle Terme di Levico and the Garden of Ronzone Rosa (both in Trentino) and Casa Cuseni (Taormina).
During the press conference a few days ago, the next steps for the public as the "botanical treasure hunt" - the event for families to be held Monday, April 17, 2017 Easter Monday in 28 gardens of the network have also been announced - and the exhibition "Great Gardens of Europe", scheduled to Venaria Reale (Turin) in 2018.
"I like to think of the Great Italian - Giardini says Judith Wade, who in 1997 founded the network - as a widespread creativity of factory on the whole Italian territory, where thousands of people are involved throughout the year in the value of the Italian gardens. And in providing added value to those who visit them. "


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