Plants for the Italian garden


The Italian plants will be the protagonists of studies of Horticultural di Lombardia days returning, with the fifth edition, Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April to Gam in Milan. The two-day conference is organized by Filippo Pizzoni and Margherita Lombardi.
"This second cycle - explanatory Orticola - intends to propose new ways of communication, with a less formal, where the speakers are more than one and talk together on a given theme, often with the support of video contributions. The multidisciplinary nature of the interventions remains a unique characteristic; in particular we will try to always give more importance to farmers and collectors. "
Thursday, April 20, will talk about native plants with the likes of Gérard Weiner, nurseryman and real hunter of plants, from Spain to Turkey, Horticultural Prize 2016, who will talk Susanna Magistretti nursery Cascina Bollate, or as the landscape architect Antonio Perazzi; They will address issues such as wealth of orchids in Italy or the difference between wild and weed species, mosses as Umbelliferæ, until the fear of typical of our Mediterranean culture wild. The morning will close the discovery of the spontaneous in Villa Belgioioso Bonaparte gardens.
The dialogues on Friday April 21 will be marked instead of Citrus, Red Etna from orange to Chinotto of Savona, from Sorrento Lemons at even cedar and bergamot from Calabria ... In cultivation, ancient and modern, as in art and in our deepest roots of all, a great authoritative voice - and listen with great pleasure - that of Giuseppe Barbera, an expert, author of numerous books and professor of Arboreal crops to 'University of Palermo. In both dates, surprise: will close the day, two meetings with two great gastronome expert that will lead us by the hand into the world of taste and aroma to learn how to cook with herbs and citrus.


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