Itinerary "In the name of the rose"


In May and June the roses reach its maximum splendor, Great Italian Gardens promotes the visit of 33 gardens of the circuit, a unique opportunity to get to know or rediscover important collections of old roses. The route involves the whole of Italy, from Trentino, with the fascinating Botanical Garden of Castel Trauttmansdorff, the Veneto with the Avenue of the Rose Garden Park Sigurtà (VR) to Tuscany with the romantic Villa Gamberaia in Florence; the explosion of colors of Lazio with Palazzo Patrizi on Lake Bracciano, the Roseto Vacunae Rosae and modern Landriana Gardens near Rome up to the rooms in flower Canalicchio in Sicily.In the Gardens participating" - says Judith Wade, founder of the circuit Great Italian Gardens - "visitors can see varieties of roses grown since the mid-eighteenth century, groups formed in the nineteenth century as noisette roses, and the first Chinese tea, until you get to hybrids of early twentieth century. Going through the stages of In The Name of the Rose will live again in two months 300 years of history of the roses! ""


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