Japanese garden design course


Designing a garden according to the style canons of the Japanese Garden: a cycle of online seminars with simultaneous translation from English and Japanese and a day of specialization in the presence are scheduled at the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza.
The course is scheduled from November to April 2023.
Among the teachers there will be prominent names of the international landscape of green design. The first meeting will be held by the American Marc Peter Keane ("The contemporary karesansui"); then again from the USA Julie Moir Messervy on “The designer's way: creating gardens (and lives) of beauty and meaning”.
Following a lesson with the Japanese Tomoki Kato on Sakuteiki compositional techniques applied to the contemporary garden, with Sachimine Masui (Keshiki: the view of interest in the garden), Satoru Tabata ("The ENZO style in the garden") and Francesco Merlo (Miegakure : discover progressively).
At the end, a three-day workshop is scheduled at the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza with Sachimine Masui and Francesco Merlo. All information and registration procedures are available on the school website.


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