Job: in Italy is booming gardeners


In the midst of a bleak landscape, with some trades in danger of disappearing, the work of the gardener records in Italy a real boom, according to data released recently by the CGIA Mestre.In fact there is a net plus sign in front of the number of new gardening companies: in total in the beautiful country employs about 100 thousand skilled gardeners. All thanks to a growing attention (public and private) for the green, which also stimulated the birth of new progessionali figures.Coldiretti than that of the gardener is one of the trades that take place, than other types of skilled workers, according to an analysis Isfol-Istat on trends to 2015".It increases the total area of urban green that requires constant care and the average availability per capita growth to 31.4 square meters."To add to - Coldiretti - are also Italians who wish to have a garden or a vegetable garden to guarantee genuine food in contact with nature, right in your own home. Today, as many as one out of four Italian dedicated to landscape maintenance and to be are cultivated not only herbs (73 percent) and flowers (73 percent) but also vegetables and fruit (39 percent) ".Among baby girls professionals there is for example the orchard tutor. Just Coldiretti has launched a network of tutors composed mainly of nurseries that provide advantageous conditions to operators of orchards belonging to the network, technical means of production (land, pots, fertilizer, tools, networks to delimit the seedlings, various supports, seeds and seedlings).But who is the "type" gardener? According to statistics, 86% of cases are men, and has more than 40 years (56%), although young people are increasing."


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