Kaercher Initiative: Iva reimbursement until July 15th


"All the good of the Iva" is the new Karcher promotion dedicated to high pressure cleaners and vacuum cleaners for professional and domestic use. The couponing dynamic initiative will be valid until July 15 at all affiliated points of sale.
The new premium operation is devoted to DIY customers and enthusiasts for the purchase of top-of-the-range products and advanced performances. Focus on Full Control and Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaners: For each product you select in the promotion, you will be able to receive a coupon equal to the value of the Iva, to be spent at the point of sale where the first purchase was made.
Many of the products included in the promotion: all Kärcher domestic knee washers (Full Control K2, K3, K4, K5, K7), WD series multifunction vacuum cleaners (3-4-5-6, also Premium version) and aspirator AD3 Premium.
The maximum coupon amount will be 100 euros on high pressure cleaners and 50 euros on promoters and aspirator promoted.
To subscribe to the promotion just sign up within and no more than 14 days from the date of issue of the subscription on the dedicated platform - www.kaercher-concorso.it/tuttoilbuonodelliva -, enter the required data and send by mail within 7 days the proof material to purchase At OPERATION "KAERCHER GIVES YOU ALL THE VAT OF VAT" c / o ICTlabs Srl Strada dei Confini n.60 - 05100 Terni, to receive the carnet of discount vouchers at home.
Great benefits also to the dealers involved: customers after receiving the coupons can only spend them at the same place where they made the first purchase, with a double income for the operator. Additionally, the dealer, who collects the vouchers there will send it by mail to get the refund, will have a further 7% of this value given by Kärcher, and the contribution for the shipping costs.
 "The passion for DIY is steadily growing with more and more experienced domestic users with ever-evolving needs," says Nico Trotta, Marketing Manager at Kärcher Italia. "This initiative aims to support not only the hobbyist in the pursuit of his passion, allowing him to easily access top-of-the-range, more powerful and reliable products, but also aims to support the operator not only by offering immediate benefits, But providing the opportunity to loyalty the customer to the purchase at his point of sale thanks to a guaranteed double contact. "
Powerful and convenient as never before, the new Kärcher multipurpose vacuum cleaners feature up to 20% more suction power than previous models and reduced fuel consumption by up to 30%. The Kärcher single-disc high-pressure washer generators have Full Control over the entire range, they boast a cooled engine and adapt to every application. An investment in quality and reliability and thanks to the new promotion of maximum convenience.


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