Karcher refund the IVA on pressure washers and vacuum cleaners


A new promotion by Kaercher, to support customers and fans of DIY in buying top of the range products and the advanced performance. The operation Kaercher refund your IVA" will run from March 15 to May 3 in participating stores to purchase pressure washers (including new Full Control) and multi-purpose vacuum cleaners WD. "For each product purchased between those promoting - explanatory Kaercher - the end user will receive a refund of VAT value of the associated report. Such reimbursement - up to € 100 of pressure washers and vacuum cleaners of € 50 - works in fact as a deferred discount. " To get this offer, after the purchase, you will need to register in the appropriate section of the Kaercher site and then send by post the material proof of purchase."The passion for DIY is growing" says Nico Trotta, Marketing Manager Kärcher Italy. "The home user becomes more and more experienced and manifested demands proportionately more evolved. This initiative is aimed precisely at supporting the hobbyist in the exercise of his passion, allowing easier access to top of the range products, characterized by higher performance and reliability. "The new Kärcher WD-purpose vacuums are convenient, powerful, and affordable. Pressure washers Kärcher X-Range including range between K4 and K7, and the new Full Control, unique in consumer, have a water-cooled engine and well 3 years warranty. An investment in the name of quality and reliability and a renewed convenience."

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