Nature to Kostplant is living form, it requires care, attention, sensitivity and it is from us that you have the possibility of finding the first selection and the help of experienced staff and qualified products are able to propose the most well suited to the needs solutions more details.

The Kostplant nurseries cover an area of over 60,000 square meters, completely open and growing, where you will find an extensive display of traditional plants, ornamental and rare species. Significant collection of specimens of olive trees and cork; with particular attention to specimens of plants macrobonsai.

Kostplant in nurseries will be assisted by our qualified staff in the selection of different types of plants: from seasonal blooms, the huge selection of shrubs in pots, to large trees. Our staff will provide you with all necessary advice to their proper maintenance.

The nurseries Kostplant offer products and services that meet both the demand of the private client, which the wholesalers and operators, differentiating its proposal to the public by the standardization of mass.

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Via Bologna 2, Inveruno (MI)

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