La Franca Pratoinzolle



La Franca Pratoinzolle

An ancient tradition of many generations of nurserymen and gardeners, a passion that does not fade and that feeds the continuous search for quality in products, services and offering comprehensive professional turf accessible to all.

That, in short, La Franca Pratoinzolle.

In Tuscany, in the plain between the Maremma hills and the sea, we cultivate 25 hectares of varieties microthermal and macrotherm, to offer the product best suited to the realization of a beautiful lawn, functional and durable.

Our customers are professionals and green builders, sports clubs, public, private and gardening enthusiasts who want to build their own garden, drawing on guidelines and assistance from our technical and commercial service.

At all latitudes of the peninsula, for many decades, we have grassy parks, professional and amateur sports facilities, golf facilities, private gardens, historical, business, slopes, parking.

We were confronted with the world's largest producers of seeds, fertilizers and substrates.

We have partnered with universities and organized the company days of specific training for builders and maintainers of turf.

Today, the enormous wealth of experience and acquired knowledge of the universe of the professional turf, the realization of any kind of grass through the use of our turf is made complete and exclusive for our guests, to make simple and effective ready.


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Company headquarter
La Franca Pratoinzolle
Loc. Il Madonnino, Via Aurelia Vecchia Braccagni (GR)

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