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La Moderna Agricoltura srl

La Moderna Agricoltura srl It born in 1975, when the just twenty-five Alfio Pappalardo began to commercialize fertilizers and products for agriculture. In 1979 the company finds its location in the local brother Alfio, the Accountant John Pappalardo. It marks the beginning of a purely commercial company profile mold dedicated to retail. Via Mazzini 59, in the village of Santa Venerina, fleets of automobiles and transport of different media (the "lapa" the truck) could find himself in the parking lot in front. The need for larger premises and to develop a location where the expectant mother company, convinced the contractor to move the business where he is now: Via Mazzini 128 / b, Santa Venerina. The Modern Agriculture srl Brico is a Garden Center, where you can find solutions for all daily needs and, on occasion of all family members. By Household department Irrigation, Agricultural Machinery from the Pesticides, to Pesticides, oenology; by Fruit plants, apartment and outdoor furnishing Garden, the Gifts, Toys ... in articles to decorate the house Articles for the gardening, products for DIY to a whole department dedicated to pets: the Pet Shop. The company has, to date, a rose of 17 petals, ...
Since 1975

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La Moderna Agricoltura srl
Via Giuseppe Mazzini 128, Santa Venerina (CT)

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